Affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences (Recognised by Indian Nursing Council, Kerala Nurses and Midwives council)
P.O Nettur, Mannayad, Thalassery Kannur, Kerala Pin: 670105
Anti - Discrimination Cell
Anti - Discrimination Cell

College of Nursing, Thalassery provides equal opportunity into its fold irrespective of caste, religion, language or gender. The anti-discrimination cell ensures that each individual inside the campus exercises equal rights and acquire the process of offering or receiving education. Any act, speech or intention that perturbs the harmony among the people is seriously regarded and dealt with an immediate basis to restore the peace.

  1. This cell will look after the matters (if any) of depriving a student or staff on the basis of caste, creed, language, ethnicity, gender or differential ability.
  2. This cell always tries to uphold the dignity of the institution by addressing the concerns (if any) brought into the notice related to equality in the process of learning.
  3. This cell ensures a peaceful environment for the academic growth of the people belonging to the Institute.
  4. The cell shall eliminate discrimination against an individual in all forms by prohibiting it and by providing preventive and protective measures to facilitate its eradication and punishments for those who indulge in any form of discrimination.
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