College Departments

Medical Surgical Nursing Department

Provides training to students of bacculearate programme and medical surgical nursing speciality. The department assist students in gaining indepth knowledge in the field of medical surgical nursing. The faculty trains the students to develop skill in functioning as a specialized nurse, educator, manager and researcher in the field of medical surgical nursing.

Faculty Profile
  • Smt. priyadarshini Msc Nursing
  • Smt. Sindu k Mathew
  • Smt. Jesina p
  • Mr. Jojo Joseph
  • Mr. shering Paul Bsc Nursing
  • Mr. SIju Saji Bsc Nursing

Obstetric and Gynaecology Nursing Department

Obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing department provides training in theoretical and practical elements of midwifery. The subject is taught to undergraduate students in their 4th year B.Sc Nursing Degree Course and Msc Nursing students. We provide our graduates with qualifications and skills needed to go straight into the work place. We ensure effective and efficient services to our student community and enable them to function as educators, managers and researchers in the field of maternity nursing.

Faculty Profile
  • Smt. Swapna jose Msc Nursing
  • Smt. Sindu p Msc Nursing
  • Smt. Meena,K Msc Nursing
  • Smt. Rakee Bsc Nursing
  • Smt. Kavitha Bsc Nursing

Padiatric Nursing Department

If you decide as an under-graduate that Paediatric nursing will be your career of choice there may be an opportunity to do a special project or intercalated degree in some aspect of Paediatrics. This will not only develop your understanding of Paediatrics, but also provide you with a chance to decide whether this is really what you want to do..The department functions to help the students to understand child as a holistic individual and develop skill to function as a neonatal and child health nurse.

Faculty Profile
  • Smt.Sajana P.V Msc Nursing
  • Smt. Shyja k.k Msc nursing
  • Smt. Laya MV Bsc Nursing
  • Smt. Vijisha K Bsc Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing Department

The psychiatric Nursing Program is designed to provide the graduates with specialized knowledge and skills to provide safe, comprehensive holistic care to individuals within the context of families, groups and communities in a variety of mental health care settings. The department builds on foundational concepts and skills to prepare graduates to respond to the ever-changing mental health care needs of our society. The program also prepares graduates for future career and educational advancements in various leadership positions in the psychiatric nursing profession.

Faculty Profile
  • Smt.Binuja p Msc Nursing
  • Smt. Natasha Thomas Msc Nursing
  • Mr. Bibin John Bsc Nursing
  • Smt. Kavitha R Bsc Nursing

Community Health Nursing

The goal of Community Health Nursing is to assist the individual, family and community in attaining their highest level of holistic health. To provide and promote health lifestyle choices through education, public awareness and community activities.
Education on diabetes, heart health, men's and women's health issues (i.e. cancers), asthma & HIV/AIDS; through home visits, specialty clinics, and group sessions.
The course is designed to assist students in developing expertise and in-depth understanding in the field of community health nursing. It would help students to appreciate holistic life style of individual, families, groups and develop skills to function as community health nursing specialist/practitioner. It would further enable the students to function as an educator, manager and researcher in the field of community heath nursing.

Faculty Profile
  • Smt.Manjula K.c Msc Nursing
  • Smt. Salina A Msc nursing
  • Smt. Jessiamma Joseph. Bsc Nursing
  • Smt. Shiny Chacko Msc Nursing